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    The Minister of Culture Atanas Atanasov, the Executive Director of the National Donation Fund “13 Centuries Bulgaria” Slava Ivanova and the Chief Executive Officer of Bulgarian Posts EAD Deyan Daneshki opened tonight in the Sredets Gallery of the Ministry of Culture the exhibition “Naiden Petkov – Painting” , organized by NDF “13 Centuries Bulgaria” under the patronage of Mrs. Iliana Iotova, Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria.

    The event began with introductory remarks by the Executive Director of NDF “13 Centuries Bulgaria” Slava Ivanova. She stressed that the NDF “13 Centuries Bulgaria” was established to organize donations in Bulgaria and unites the generous contribution, efforts and willpower of over 80,000 contributors over the past four decades and through them participates in the creation and development of 250 national sites of culture, education, science, health, sports, etc. Ms. Ivanova also shared that since 2015 the Fund is proud of its status of official relations with UNESCO.

   The congratulatory address of the Vice President Ms. Iotova, which was read during the opening, highlighted the well-deserved contribution of the Fund for strengthening our cultural heritage in Bulgaria and abroad. “I congratulate you on your ability to prepare not only exhibitions and events like the one today, but also nationally worthy celebrations, which bring to light the world and us, the Bulgarians, our timeless culture and generosity,” said in her congratulatory address the Vice President. Mrs. Iotova.

   “I am happy that in the Ministry of Culture I will have the opportunity to work even more actively and at a higher level for the development of donation in Bulgaria. I hope that we reach out more and more often with our messages to foreign contributors and as many of our compatriots as possible, including abroad, because I know that we can be united and strong as a society, even if we live in different parts of the world. Because the love for family and homeland is evident in our daily affairs,” said in his speech at the opening of the exhibition the Minister of Culture Atanas Atanasov. He thanked the Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria Mrs. Iotova, the Executive Director of the National Donation Fund “13 Centuries Bulgaria” Mrs. Ivanova, the Chief Executive Officer of “Bulgarian Posts” EAD Mr. Daneshki, the team of the Ministry of Transport and Communications that we are celebrating in a proper and memorable way this significant anniversary of the Fund – with the wonderful exhibition donated by its author – our great painter Naiden Petkov, with the validation of the special postal edition dedicated to the 40th anniversary.

   After the opening of the exhibition, Minister Atanasov and Slava Ivanova presented the Honorary Badge “13 Centuries Bulgaria” to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mihail Maleev, founder of the National Museum “Earth and People”, its longtime director since its founding in 1986 to 2012 and having donated at the new museum about 15,000 samples of unique and rare minerals from around the world. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maleev thanked for the high recognition, emphasizing that in his opinion the museum is an informal center of sustainable development, but to achieve this, people must first be spiritually mature for this purpose. At the end of his speech, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mihail Maleev greeted all present with a poem by Yanko Dimov with a wish for Bulgaria to have better days.

   The postal and philatelic edition “40 years since the establishment of the National Donation Fund “13 Centuries Bulgaria” by Dr. Svetlin Balezdrov – Chief Assistant at the National Academy of Arts was shown. It was validated by Minister Atanasov, the Executive Director of the National Donation Fund “13 Centuries Bulgaria” Slava Ivanova, the Chief Executive Officer of “Bulgarian Posts” EAD Deyan Daneshki and Dr. Svetlin Balezdrov in honor of the anniversary of the Fund.

   The exhibition “Naiden Petkov – Painting” presents 8 paintings from the collection of the Fund, donated by their author. Created by our great painter in 1987 and 1988, they are an aesthetic synthesis of his emotional experiences and impressions of his travels in China, Greece and Bulgaria. The exhibition will be on view at the Sredets Gallery until January 14, 2022.

   You can see photos in the Photo Gallery.

   Pressphoto – Bulgarian News Agency, Tsvetomir Petrov (PB)

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