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The Sredetz Gallery

        „Sredetz” is the mediaeval name of the Bulgarian Capital Sofia. The Sredetz Gallery is located in the building of the Ministry of Culture. The Ministry of culture of the Republic of Bulgaria is built on a historical heritage from the beginning of the new era – the building of the institution is erected upon archaeological foundations from the Ancient Rome epoch. After the excavations everything has been preserved. Exactly on top of them, on the ground floor of the Ministry of Culture is located the Sredetz Gallery.

        Artists say that good gallery is the one located at a corner, which has good lighting and radiates intimacy, when a viewer gets into contact with the author’s message.

        The Sredetz Gallery – one of the best art galleries in Bulgaria has area of 100 sq. m., with automatic lighting, possibility for sound-tracking and multi-media presentation.

        The doors of the Sredetz Gallery are widely open to both famous and young authors. It is a hospitable host for Bulgarian and foreign artists, photographers, handicraftsmen. Often here are presented books, music albums, literary and poetic evenings, charity bazaars are held in aid of talented children from the schools of arts and culture under the Ministry.

        The Sredetz Gallery charges no entry fee and it is open every day, including Saturdays and Sundays, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. 


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Sredetz Gallery
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